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Michelle Hawkins reviewed Benefit Resolutions5 star

This is an amazing group that has taking what was gonna be a pretty shitty xmas with no money into something good . In 2 short weeks Tony has spoken to me with empathy and compassion, has reassured me with his knowledge and simple procedures to follow . The assessor has lied completely to reach a target regardless of my condition ( fibromyalgia, hypersensitivity, anxiety ) without contacting anyone about my condition. Without this team I probably would of had a terrible xmas but now at least me and my 3 year old can afford some food and heat . Thank you x

A big thank you to Joy and Tony for their help and support over the last few months for my ESA review, which was held today in Plymouth. Joy met with me and helped me with the forms, attended the interview with me and was a huge support. Tony also liaised with the assessment centre on my behalf.

They both made a horrible process bearable, their expert knowledge, backing and just being there for me gave me the confidence to portray myself to the best of my ability.

I would say to anyone going through any of the benefit assessments to contact Benefit Resolutions as they will do their very best for you.

Shirley and Elaine Lewis

Thanks to tony my pip is back i am so thankfull .i can now put the heatting on and eat better it was a very hard nealy 9 mouths without it but tony fight for me to get it back . if u need help he is your man


I would just like to say thank you so much to Tony from benefit resolutions who with my husband Michael ,we met yesterday,Tony was so helpful and said he would do all he could to help us, well true to his word he did, 24 hours later my husband's tribunal has been stopped and an award is pending, we have had a very stressful few months because of atos and their assessment system, I don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for Tony and the fact he brought to the dwp's attention just how serious my husband's health is,as they didn't listen to us, so Tony a very big thank you from us.



Penny Brooks reviewed Benefit Resolutions5 star

Thank you so much for Tony, for your's and your teams help for the second time. Two years ago I called you for help when my epileptic son, was declared fit for work at his ESA Assessment, while he was suffering from uncontrolled grand mal seizures & recurrent dislocations of his shoulder. You got that decision overturned within a week!
So when my "migration" from DLA to PIP came up in March, you were the first person I called, you filled the forms, with help from my GP you got a home assessment arranged for me, attended and recorded the assessment, the end result I am happy to say, was pip enhanced rate for care and mobility. I seriously cannot thank you enough for your help. I would recommend that anyone who needs someone fighting their corner for them, give Tony a ring, because fight for you he will!
I will be in touch again when my Autistic son comes up for migration from DLA to PIP!
Just to let you know I will be making a donation shortly, you do amazing work for so many.


Stuart Mills reviewed Benefit Resolutions5 star

21 hrs ·

This service should go national, too many people suffering and even dying with such a Draconian Government in power. The Tories have no empathy or interest for the disabled, to them we are a burden on tax cuts for the few. And as far as managing the purse strings of the economy, we are worse off, we owe more and all but the rich elite are paying the price. The question is; how many M.P.'s form all parties have private medical insurance, how out of touch does this make voting to discriminate against the weak, ill and disabled; make them?


Only contacted Tony a few days before he broke up for the Christmas break, had an appeal hearing on 2nd January with no support or help, Tony asked for an adjournment to give him time to look at my paperwork, have been granted the adjournment, now waiting for another date. Thank you so much Tony for your help so far. Has taken so much off my mind.


Benefit Resolutions has helped both me and my son with PIP claims. I've found Tony and his team very professional, and I can't think of a better person to have in your corner. Huge thanks to all for making the process so much easier for us.



The most amazing service there is ...
pip assessment awarded my son with 0 points and money stopped , appeal gave me the same . I then found out about the wonderful Tony and his team , who saved the day . Saved me from the stress and worry of a tribunal . We have just been awarded enhanced mobility and enhanced daily living . Autism is invisible to many but affects a whole family and I can never thank you enough for your professional help and care .
You are all fantastic x



Tony Lea of Benefit Resolutions gave me help when i needed it most from beginning my process, taking care of all necessary paperwork to tribunal and a winning outcome for my disability benefit, support group and DLA even when Atos scored me zero points.

I found Tony Lea to be very professional at all times when dealing with me , always brought a lady chaperone with him if meeting with me to help put me at ease. Always on the end of a telephone, prepared to listen to the problems i was facing and giving help when needed i cannot recommened his services highly enough.


From one Tony To Another

WOW Thanks, Tony, i’ve had my confirmation of PIP. I just couldn’t fight it myself. I’m so grateful to you for dealing with my PIP issues and with all the DWP people,. You did the job i just could tackle physically or mentally.

Hey, everyone, i can very much vouch for Tony’s success. My success with DWP is entirely down to him. Thanks again, Tony



From Dawn Bees

i would just like to say that i am represented by benefit resolutions on a very long and drawn
out case which has affected me until i handed over, my worries and fears have been calmed and and
order restored by a confident and well represented case put forward i would like to say a very grateful thank you .. thank you .. i dont know how i would of continued on my own once again thank you for all your help


Would just like to say thank you to you and joy for everything you did for my boy. I wish I knew about you sooner. I was ready to give up but after a year of fighting you helped us beat them. Thankyou again. — feeling thankful.



From Peter H Orr

about time something like this was made available to those of us, who through no fault of our own
are dis-abled either from birth or by accident.. but are being targetted by HM Gov to save the so
called deficit caused by Torys for years... May be they should start to take a wage cut, like they have
forced so many others to do..


From Tony Leamon

I am disabled. I do not work due to my disability. This does not mean I sit idle. I have been helping out BENEFITS RESOLUTIONS because they helped me out. Thanks to them I have the benefits I am entitled to, and can get on with worrying about my illness rather than worrying about if i will be able to afford to eat today! Please, let BENEFIT RESOLUTIONS help you.

From Dredd Ed

After more than 7 months of getting nowhere with the DWP, Ant Lea was recommended to me by a friend who Ant had helped. Am I glad I took my friend’s advice? After just a week Ant had sorted out my unpaid benefits more than £1300 and he won my case at tribunal.

To Me Ant Lea is a hero, who helps those who need it most. If you’re in doubt, don’t be Ant works harder than most because, unlike some rich lawyer trying to take money from you; he works to get what you’re entitled to for a more modest contribution, he lives with the system and he’s fought for his own family to. If you want results this Dudes track record speaks for itself. whilst going through the DWP process. Peace & Who you gonna call to get yer benefits sorted? Ant Lea, if you’re smart!
Peace & Good fortune;


from Johnny Kojic

Benefit Resolutions helped me when all seemed lost-their finger is firmly on the pulse-when dealing with all benefits and claims. I will definitely use them again.



Wow after all the worry of applying for PIP and then being awarded the lower rate and facing loosing the car I rely on, Tony and his team have managed in less than a week to overturn the decision .. I’m very happy with the result and can’t thank everyone enough for their help .. many many thanks — feeling thankful.



From Jjt O’Gr

just wanted to say thank you to tony lea who has made a huge difference to my quality of life and those around me. His advocacy work is second to none.

I am an unpaid carer and the person I care for and I were both left in a vulnerable place last year because of NHS red tape, I’m quit a confident outspoken person used to getting things done but for a whole year I had to provide round the clock care, which I don’t mind but when are providing nursing care in addition to social care without any back up support and saving the NHS £20K a year and your local NHs team aren’t willing to give you four half hour medical treatment breaks a week which would have allowed me one eight hour respite day weekly, u kinda feel abandoned and taken for granted.

So after a year if our case being treated like a hit potatoe and shunted from dept to dep I had enough and called in Tony, lo and behold within two weeks all of a sudden the NHs had found funding for the local DN team, to provide two hours a week dialysis support!!! Since May I have not looked back I now get two days a week break and the person I care for is coming on leaps and bounds...without him Tony’s intervention and support, I simply would have not lasted one week more, I was exhausted and at my wits end. can’t thank or praise him enough. x


From Mike Baker

Hi Tony, thankyou for meeting with me yesterday, your blunt honest advice and the direct action that you took during the
meeting, by making 2 calls to the DWP on my behalf and the letter that you drafted during the meeting. It was worth driving from
Brighton down to Truro to meet with you. I feel better now I have someone I can turn to that will advocate for me.

I was amazed by all the magical things you have.....your phone that costs nothing to use, your office that costs nothing to rent,
your computer that just magically appeared and runs on pixie dust and thecup of coffee that appeared and was obviously never

Thanks for making me jump with that friendly beep,in the street, from your magic car that again must run on thin air. .....
So after being fleeced by this government for thousands of pounds and incalculable stress, If there is anything from my minimal
‘fleecing’ you gave me, I hope that some of it may find its way over the bar in your local pub because you BLOODY DESERVE IT MATE.


Hello everyone i would just like to stay thankyou Tony for the help and support Thursday and Friday mashed my head up I think that’s why they do it. I am glad its all over and i can put all my energy into the operations. Cheers Guys